a young startup has emerged as the leader in all-electric aviation

JUNE 10 2021

It is no secret that all-electric aviation is the future. Not only will all-electric airplanes produce zero carbon emissions, they will also reduce operating costs by up to 90 percent, maintenance costs by up to 50 percent, and noise by nearly 70 percent. However, battery density has proven to be an obstacle for range and speed for all-electric planes.

Panhwar Jet has solved this dilemma. The innovative startup has designed an all-electric aircraft that will eliminate all battery density challenges. This new technology will generate enough power to provide speed and range without limitations.

Panhwar Jet's first prototype, ElectroBird, will be powered by a 200kW electric motor while only carrying a 70kWh battery. This small battery will be used for take-off and landing only. ElectroBird will be released in September 2021.

ElectroBird will fly for over 5 hours at the speed of 300KTAs (Knots True Airspeed) and will shatter three world records for long-range flight, high-speed, and zero-emissions. This revolutionary electric aircraft will set these new records by solely utilizing Panhwar Jet’s all-electric, self-charging technology.

Panhwar Jet, a California-based startup, began its journey in October of 2019 when the founders were inspired to build an all-electric aircraft which offered maximum comfort along with lower operating costs. Panhwar Jet’s self-charging, all-electric technology which will use clean energy in a multidimensional way. The ElectroBird will generate enough electricity to provide a comfortable and emission free flight across the continental United States.

The future of aviation is here now.