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Panhwar Jet - General Terms and Conditions of Use

By using the service provided by Panhwar Jet you reveal that you agree to all the terms and conditions stated below. If you do not agree to any of these terms of use please refrain from using our service. These terms of use are intended to shed light on our responsibility as a service provider and your responsibility as a paying client or website visitor. These terms apply from the time you have been provided access to Panhwar Jet service and are bound by the use of any service provided by Panhwar Jet.

These terms and conditions are not set in stone and will adapt over time through user feedback. Panhwar Jet reserves the right to change these terms at any given time and cannot be held accountable for doing so. Panhwar Jet also is aware that these terms and conditions may not answer all queries raised by the use of the service. If the terms are ever updated you’ll be notified through your given email address and it is your responsibility to read, understand, and agree to what these terms imply. Note: if you have availed of our service using the free-trial or are otherwise a non-paying customer then only a fraction of these terms apply to you, please refer to the “Free trials and non-paying users” section for further details.

By registering for the service you must clearly state that you have understood and agreed to these terms and possess the authority to act on behalf of the entity for whom you use the service (if any).


“Agreement” denotes these Terms of Use. “Subscription Fee” denotes the fee you pay on a monthly basis in exchange for using this service which is in accordance with your pricing package excluding any taxes and duties. This is subject to change in the future and you will be notified accordingly. “Confidential Information” denotes all the information exchanged between consenting parties of this agreement regardless of whether this exchange is electronic, oral, or written excluding information that might become public due to unauthorized disclosure from the other party. “Data” denotes your data that was transferred to the system. “Service” refers to the online management service provided by Panhwar Jet. “Law Firm Management Software” refers to the software which allows you to manage, bill, and account for your law firm through technological means. “VAT” refers to the Value Added Tax Act 1996 or any similar or substituted turnover tax in orange county or elsewhere. “Panhwarjet” or “we” or “our” or “use” shall refer to Panhwar Jet Limited, a private company created by two entrepreneurs. “You” or “your” or “yourself” refers to the users of the platform or service.

Description of Services Provided:

The services provided by Panhwar Jet help you better manage your law firm here are the features that you can utilize once you avail of the service: · client management; · Time & Billing; · Case management; · Target hour management; · Calendar; · Project management; · Team collaboration; While you have all the rights to avail the service for law practice, you need to clearly know that Panhwar Jet in any capacity does not, - Have the license to practice law under any jurisdiction OR - Have the right to engage in the practice of law OR - Has involvement in the conversation or correspondence by-between-among you or any other entity opposing entity, client, governmental or non-governmental authority. Panhwar Jet is not engaged in the practice of law or any activity pertaining to law nor do we provide any legal advice. We do not partake in any activity that gives rise to the need for a legal license under any jurisdiction. Other services under this section: You may be allowed access to all the newsletters, emails, blog posts managed or sponsored by Panhwar Jet that you may get notified about at the time. You are obliged to not use these services for any illegal activities (including but not limited to harassment, abuse, defamation, stalking, promotion of verbal violence or violation of privacy and such) or immoral activities that involve misrepresenting your affiliation with an entity.


All the materials and services provided by Panhwar Jet are copyrighted property that falls within the jurisdiction of Panhwar Jet only. You need to acknowledge and agree that: - You shall only use the platform only for availing of the provided services and shall not misuse the authority you have been given. - You shall not give away the access provided only to “you”, to any other unauthorized entity. - You are the sole person responsible for all the data that has been provided to us by “you” and you are to ensure that “you” are entitled to share the data with Panhwar Jet

Access to the Platform

For availing of the services provided you have to register to the platform and by registering you acknowledge and agree that - The information provided by you is accurate beyond doubt - If you use the service you will be responsible for maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of the account. - You shall be completely responsible for any misuse that goes against the guidelines and will result in immediate suspension of your account. - In case you suspect at any point in time your account has been hacked or misused, you shall contact Panhwar Jet immediately and take steps to remedy the situation. - We reserve the right to cancel accounts and refuse registration we deem improper at our discretion. - By registering you warrant that you are not a minor. - Panhwar Jet provides “you” a limited, non-transferable, and nonexclusive access to its services to the required extent. - Panhwar Jet holds all the rights at its discretion to modify or discontinue your account at any time in case of a serious breach of these terms of conditions by “you”.


- You shall be responsible for paying the required subscription fee according to your price package and frequency of payment. - In the event of non-payment Panhwar Jet is not responsible for providing its services to you and also retains the right to suspend your account in this case. - The fee is not refundable - You also acknowledge that you may be liable for all applicable taxes under these terms (if any) - If you are not actively using your account within the duration of your subscription, the subscription will be inactive. - Panhwar Jet will remind you by email when you need to repurchase your subscription to the services.


If you, at any given time, wish to terminate this agreement “you” shall stop accessing the platform and using its services immediately. Your right to use and access this platform and its services is terminated immediately once you breach any of the mentioned terms and conditions.

I agree.

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