Salt Lake City, Utah - Panhwar Jet is pleased to announce the Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign in PICMII after a resounding success of its recent proprietary Propulsion System unveiling event

August 24 2023

Salt Lake City, Utah - Panhwar Jet is pleased to announce the Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign in PICMII after a resounding success of its recent proprietary Propulsion System unveiling event, which took place on August 16th & 17th at Skypark Airport location, celebrating a pivotal moment to revolutionize the aviation industry as we prepare to take our inaugural flight in the next six months.

Panhwar Jet's Proprietary Propulsion System is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance aircraft performance via extended flight ranges without compromising payload capacity, reduce environmental impact and elevate the passenger experience through noiseless air travel. This breakthrough speaks volumes about our talented team of engineers and establishes Panhwar Jet as the world's first all-electric long-range business and cargo aircraft manufacturer, setting a new benchmark for eco-friendly aviation to support global initiatives in combating climate change.

The event was attended by aviation industry experts, investors, and Venture Capitals who were given an exclusive first look at the features and capabilities of Panhwar Jet's Proprietary Propulsion System. Attendees were impressed by the state-of-the-art advanced proprietary propulsion system that relies on the combined effort of the unique thruster design and onboard power generation system to facilitate 78% overall efficiency- in comparison to other existing propulsion systems

Panhwar Jet is a leading force in aviation technology, renowned for our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the aviation industry. Our latest advancements showcased during the event demonstrate our unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the aviation sector and enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Event participants received enlightening presentations about our vertical integration strategic approach, which aims to streamline Panhwar Jet's operations. Our successful business model, a winning formula, was also showcased. This model has unlocked numerous advantages, including a remarkable 65% reduction in manufacturing expenses compared to traditional fossil fuel counterparts. This significant cost reduction is attributed to the utilization of 6,000 fewer components. Our esteemed guests were also granted the opportunity to interact with our team of experts, which included Chad Briggs, Panhwar Jet's lead investor and former Chief Financial Officer at Bridge Investment Group. Briggs, known for taking companies public, provided valuable insights into our development process and the broader implications of our innovation. This prompted individuals to feel inspired to become a part of our journey, inviting them to "Join the family."

Embrace the rich aviation legacy with Panhwar Jet at its forefront. Our crowdfunding campaign is officially underway on Picmii, presenting an incredible opportunity for investors and partners who share our passion and excitement. In just six months, you'll be witnessing our inaugural flight firsthand, and by investing now, you can secure an exclusive discount and benefit from our current low valuation. Your investment today has the potential to yield a 40X increase in value once our aircraft takes flight. Delve deeper into our Picmii campaign and come join us as we embark on a journey towards a boundless future of possibilities to become a valued part of our unicorn venture.

Together, we can achieve remarkable results. Are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary? Join our campaign now!